Volunteer and Community

In Mundo Sano we have the conviction that citizen participation and community involvement enhance the actions and projects carried out by the Foundation to help improve the lives of people affected by neglected diseases, those who suffer in the world 1,600 million people , and that we can also define as diseases of poverty.

In 2019 we decided to launch “Somos Mundo Sano”, a volunteer program that includes different forms of participation: social volunteers and corporate volunteering.

The participation spaces of our program cover different fields of action, depending on the profile, availability of time and geographical location of the volunteer:

How can you add?

⦁ Patient support program: guiding and accompanying, as a referral volunteer, patients with Chagas disease in the process of diagnosis and treatment.

⦁ Volunteer in Mundo Sano venues: collaborating and participating in programmatic and awareness actions that we carried out in the offices of Añatuya (Santiago del Estero), Puerto Iguazú (Misiones), Clorinda (Formosa), Tartagal (Salta) and Pampa del Indio (Chaco) and in the projects we carry out in Latin America and Spain.

⦁ Ambassador of Mundo Sano: multiplying messages of prevention, awareness and education in the community.

⦁ Corporate volunteering: participating with your company in volunteering activities in the field.