Alliance against soil-transmitted helminths

After Uniting to combat NTDs -the partnership formed in London in 2012 to fight the neglected tropical diseases- a new coalition was created in April 2014: several of its members -Mundo Sano among them- decided to increase their efforts to face soil-transmitted helminths.

These organizations carry out actions aimed at improving access to antiparasitic drugs and avoid reinfections. They are constituted by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), Dubai Cares, Vitamin Angels, Water Aid, Global Partnership for Education (GPE), World Bank Group and World Food Programme (WFP).

Ethiopia is the new scenario where Mundo Sano is performing programs for diagnosis and treatment of soil-transmitted helminths, which is a disease that puts at risk the health of over 870 million children all over the world and which can give rise to neurocognitive disorders, malnutrition, anemias and delayed growth.

It works alongside the National Center for Tropical Medicine of Carlos III Health Institute and a network of Ethiopian actors, among which is Bahir Dar University. This program is being carried out in Orán and Tartagal, two locations in Salta province, in northwest Argentina, since 2010.