Grupo Insud founder and Mundo Sano president, Silvia Gold offered a talk about her professional career to students at Universidad de San Andrés.

Within the framework of the series “Un líder por mes” (A leader per month) Silvia narrated the beginnings of Chemo in Spain, her return to Argentina and work at Mundo Sano foundation carried out to raise awareness, diagnose and cure neglected diseases like Chagas.

“With Hugo Sigman, my husband, we founded Chemo in 1977. At the beginning we just commercialized active principles, but then we started to generate value added, we registered generic drugs and sold directly to consumers with our own trade mark. It was a very big challenge”, explained Dr. Gold.

“In 1986, when we returned to Argentina, it was my opportunity to start to devote to science and public health, which I loved the most”, confessed Silvia.

“Through the Partnership of Research against Chagas disease, in 2013 we achieved approval of the therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer. It was a dream come true”, said Silvia when she recalled the key points in her career.

Then, she commented on the enormous work done by Mundo Sano so that the so-called “neglected diseases” –according to a World Health Organization definition÷ become diseases cared for. She detailed the work carried out for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease. Out of above 8 million people affected in the world, at least one million and a half live in Argentina.

When she was asked by the students what requisites she thought necessary to have for someone seeking to become a leader, she assured: “A leader must always aim at excellence, act coherently and never give up. I believe that new things are learned every day, one must remain interested and continue learning from others”.