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Show “OUTBREAK, epidemics in a connected world”

  • The exhibition commemorates the centenary of the 1918 flu epidemic and is part of the Pandemic Project of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, in partnership with the Global Health Institute of Harvard University.
  • From July it will be exhibited at the Jorge Newbery Metropolitan Airpark.

Buenos Aires, July 2019. “Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World” is an itinerant exhibition of the Smithsonian Institute, in partnership with the Harvard University Global Health Institute, to commemorate the centenary of the 1918 influenza pandemic, which will cause 50 to 100 million deaths (3 to 5% of the world population) and generate awareness and interest in this problem.

The sample is presented in Argentina by Mundo Sano and has the valuable contribution of the Argentine Society of Vaccination and Epidemiology who advised on the content of the local panels.

In order to transmit this message to the largest possible public, it was coordinated with Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 to use public circulation spaces of certain airports of the concession. In this way, from July the exhibition will be exhibited at the Jorge Newbery Metropolitan Airpark, in the City of Buenos Aires. Then, it will move to the General Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport, in the city of Salta; to the Airport Vicecomodoro Ángel de la Paz Aragonés, city of Santiago del Estero and the International Airport of Puerto Iguazú, province of Misiones.

“Outbreak: Epidemics in a connected world” is made up of 22 panels and revolves around five themes: Origins of outbreaks: discover how microbes are transmitted from animals to humans and the role of environmental factors in the spread of pathogens; Propagation arrest: know how personal behavior, social changes and global coordination can reduce the risk of disease outbreaks; Response and containment: controls the spread of infectious diseases; Profiles of diseases: such as HIV, Ebola, Zika virus, tuberculosis, yellow fever and Chagas disease, to understand where they come from, how they are transmitted, their treatment and / or prevention and the value of vaccines such as key tool for disease prevention.

One part of the “Outbreak” exhibition focuses on raising public awareness of the risks of a pandemic under the notion that human, animal and environmental health are connected as a single entity. And it emphasizes that it is inevitable that new pathogens appear in the future. However, it is essential to understand human influence in its appearance and development.About Mundo Sano

Mundo Sano is a family foundation that contributes, with field research, to public policies aimed at improving the lives of people affected by neglected diseases, which are those that affect the most vulnerable sectors of society. Currently, Mundo Sano has a central office and five offices in Argentina (CABA, Añatuya, Santiago del Estero; Clorinda, Formosa; Puerto Iguazú, Misiones; Pampa del Indio, Chaco and Tartagal, Salta) and an office in Madrid from where it launches programs in Spain and Africa. Since its foundation, Mundo Sano carries out programs and projects aligned to three pillars: transnational research, knowledge dissemination and private public cooperation.

About Argentine Society of Vacunology and Epidemiology

The Argentine Society of Vacunology and Epidemiology is a non-profit scientific entity, created in August 2017. It constitutes a horizontal and multidisciplinary space that includes the entire society, health authorities of all levels of management, health team, educators, media, civil societies, community members. Its main challenges are to promote the right of the population to access health in an equitable manner, favor the development and dissemination of knowledge in vaccinology and epidemiology, generating innovative proposals that have an impact on both public health and individual health, to through the development of specific programs. The Argentine Society of Vacunology and Epidemiology has initiated the realization of a series of meetings with communicators in order to generate tools to improve communication and increase the population’s confidence in vaccines.

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