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Pioneering research project funded by EU to implement in African communities novel treatment for intestinal worms which affect a fifth of the world population

The European project STOP2030 (Stop Transmission Of intestinal Parasites) has received 4.3 million euros from the European Commission and the Swiss government to implement a novel co-formulation of a two-drug treatment against soil- transmitted helminths (STH), also known as intestinal worms, a great advance for a disease that affects 1.5 billion people, mostly in Africa […]

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Fundación Mundo Sano – Parásitos.

Ibero-American countries will control transmission of congenital Chagas disease in twenty four jurisdictions

The actions will reach 1,256,700 women of childbearing age and 87,800 new-borns from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Paraguay. Buenos Aires, April 2023- The member states of the Ibero-American Initiative on Congenital Chagas “Not a Single Baby with Chagas Disease: the path towards new generations free of Chagas disease” made a commitment to controlling and […]

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Mundo Sano honoured with the IPRA Golden World Award for its Community Relations

The Program for the Sanitary Improvement of Rural Dwellings with Participation of the Community, of Mundo Sano Foundation, was recognized for the degree of acceptance reached among people from the rural area of Santiago del Estero to prevent the risk of Chagas Disease transmission. Since the launch of the program in 2005, 495 dwellings have […]

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como Sanitary Improvement of Rural Dwellings

Mundo Sano was designated Technical Unit of the Ibero-American Initiative to eliminate Congenital Chagas disease

The initiative “Not a single baby with Chagas disease: the path towards new generations free of Chagas disease” was approved by the Heads of States and Government of Ibero-American countries at the “XXVII Ibero-American summit”, held in Andorra. The countries will work together to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of Chagas disease Buenos Aires, March 2022.- Mundo […]

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Marcelo Abril, Chief Executive Officer of Mundo Sano, answers five questions about Chagas disease

This April 14th is World Chagas disease day; this neglected disease is extended worldwide. About 6 to 8 million people live with Chagas disease in the world, with 1.2 million being women of childbearing age. However, diagnosis and treatment of women of fertile age prevent congenital transmission; for this reason, we need everyone’s help to […]

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XX International Symposium on Neglected Diseases

Mundo Sano Foundation announces the “XX International Symposium on Neglected Diseases”, to be held on November 2-4, 2021. In the COVID-19 pandemic context, this twentieth edition of the Symposium will be held online; leading national and international figures will be present, who will address the real situation of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) from the perspectives […]

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Heads of State and Government approved an Ibero-American initiative to eliminate Congenital Chagas disease

The initiative “Not a single baby with Chagas: the path towards new generations free of Chagas disease” has the objective of contributing to the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of this disease. Buenos Aires, April 2021.- Mundo Sano Foundation welcomes the approval of the initiative “Not a single baby with Chagas: the path towards new generations […]

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Mundo Sano Foundation consolidates its strategic partnership with the WHO to accomplish treatment and control of Chagas disease in children

Under the cooperative agreement signed with the World Health Organization (WHO), Mundo Sano Foundation renews its commitment that, by 2030, not a single baby is born with the disease and contributes to the end of the neglect of neglected tropical diseases, in line with the WHO Road Map2030 and the United Nations sustainable development goals. Along with the Insud […]

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Mundo Sano was distinguished at the ISNTD Festival 

During the festival organized by the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ISNTD), Mundo Sano Foundation was recognized for the videos “Heritage” and “Equity”. The recognitions highlighted the work of Mundo Sano to make Chagas disease visible, promote its diagnosis and treatment, as well as the right to health. LINK A VIDEO: https://youtu.be/8uhamr3Zopg “The main purpose of making the video […]

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Dengue Campaign

On the occasion of the World Dengue Day (August 26), the Consejo Publicitario Argentino (Argentine Advertising Council), supported by the assessment of Mundo Sano Foundation and the creativity of Agencias Independientes (Independent Agencies, Ai), conducted a campaign to raise awareness about this disease and promote measures to avoid the reproduction of the disease-transmitting mosquito.   Buenos Aires, August […]

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We work to transform the reality of people affected by neglected diseases

We are a family foundation created with the mission to give back to the community part of what we have received. For 27 years now, we have worked to transform the reality of 1,600 million people affected by neglected diseases, diseases associated with inequality, with severe consequences for health, mainly in the most vulnerable populations: […]

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Recommendations about how to proceed in case of a dengue epidemic or pandemic and COVID-pandemic

If symptoms appear, such as fever, it is important to consult a doctor and not to self-medicate. Permanent prevention actions, both personal and in the house environment, are essential to reduce the risk of dengue transmission. Buenos Aires, February 2021.-In the summer period, weather conditions favour the proliferation of Aedes aegypti, and urban and domestic […]

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Alliance for an integral approach to Chagas Disease in Central America

Our aim is to join efforts in Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina, and the United States, to eliminate Chagas disease as a public health problem. In 2018, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada), the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC), Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi) and Mundo Sano Foundation (FMS), under the […]

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In San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires province

In San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires province An integral epidemiological approach programme successfully avoided the community virus circulation of COVID-19 The incidence rate of COVID-19 infection was 216 per 10,000 inhabitants, with a fatality rate of 1.7% and specific mortality of 3.9 per 10,000. Compared with 2019, excess mortality was negative, with 6 fewer […]

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Neglected diseases in times of coronavirus

Just as in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic the World Health Organization urged not to neglect dengue in the Americas region, the organization did so with Chagas disease by recommending governments to make efforts so that essential assistance, treatments and distribution of medicines for neglected diseases like Chagas are not interrupted. In this regard, […]

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Get the itch to prevent Dengue

On the occasion of the World Dengue Day (August 26), the Argentine Advertising Council, assessed by Mundo Sano Foundation and with the creative contribution of Independent Agencies (Ai), conducted a campaign to raise awareness about this disease and promote measures to avoid reproduction of the disease-transmitting mosquito. According to the World Health Organization, one third […]

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Mundo Sano receives the IPRA Golden World Awards for the project “Triple Border of the Chaco Salteño”

The Project “United for Mother-and-Child Health Care at the Triple Border of the Chaco Salteño region” received the Golden World Awards in the category Non-government organizations (NGOs) campaign from the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), a global network recognized by the United Nations that aims to advance trusted communication and the ethical practice of public […]

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Webinar: “Communicable Diseases in the COVID-19 context”

On Wednesday July 22, Mundo Sano Foundation participated in the webinar organized along with United Nations in Argentina: “The importance of addressing a communicable disease in the COVID-19 context: Chagas and pregnancy, the challenge of protecting the new generations”. The webinar included the presentations of Dr Silvia Gold, President of Mundo Sano Foundation, and Dr Tamara Mancero, Communicable Diseases, […]

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Dr Silvia Gold participated in Power the Partnership: End the Neglect

Our president, and founder of Grupo Insud, was the only representative of Latin America in this global online event organized by Uniting to Combat NTDs. Power the Partnership: End the Neglect welcomed the progress made since the London Declaration in the objectives set regarding neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), and its contribution to promoting advances in […]

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Model for the approach to COVID-19 enables the detection the “transparent links” of the contagion chain

The model focuses on the detection, isolation and home monitoring of COVID-19 patients, even asymptomatic ones, and on the intensive epidemiological surveillance of groups at higher risk of infections, such as health care staff. At present, this model is being implemented in San Antonio de Areco district, province of Buenos Aires, and might be replicated […]

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Mundo Sano Foundation and COVID-19 emergency

In response to the current global health emergency situation, Mundo Sano Foundation has joined different initiatives aimed at finding solutions to face the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of these initiatives are detailed below: The launch of the ‘COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition’, with the participation of Mundo Sano, was published in Lancet Along with more than 70 […]

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Mundo sano strengthens its commitment to the WHO to accelerate the elimination of congenital Chagas disease

On the Chagas World Day, Mundo Sano Foundation  its commitment to the World Health Organization (WHO) to accelerate the elimination of infection with Chagas disease in children and to prevent congenital transmission in pregnant women. Mundo Sano, together with Insud Pharma, will provide the WHO with 108,000 benznidazole tablets, the medicine for the etiological treatment […]

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Chagas: Let’s all make this neglected disease visible

14 April 2020. First World Chagas Disease Day After 111 years since the first diagnosis of Chagas Disease in humans, the World Health Organization (WHO) established 14 April as the first official World Day to remind us of the challenges faced by those affected by this neglected disease. Although the current coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic demands […]

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Celebrating the First Chagas Disease World Day to make this neglected disease visible

Press release from the Chagas Global Coalition As of this year, every 14 April people affected by Chagas disease in the world will be present in the global health agenda to show and share the challenges they face. Most of them live in endemic countries, in low-income contexts and under very vulnerable conditions. 13 April. […]

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Q&A COVID-19 and Chagas Disease

What are the symptoms of COVID-19? Are they different for a Chagas disease patient? According to the WHO, the most common symptoms of COVID-19, may include fever, dry cough, headache, shortness of breath, fatigue or sore throat. Some patients may have aches and pains, sputum/phlegm production nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or even diarrhea. […]

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Dengue: It is necessary to strengthen preventive measures

A peak of dengue cases is expected in Argentina between the middle and end of March due to a heatwave that is hitting the centre of the country The virus transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito is already circulating in several provinces of our country due to the increase of autochthonous cases (local transmission), which […]

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Argentine scientists develop a risk map for parasite infections in Argentina

Based on the identification of satellite-derived environmental and soil variables, and socioeconomic variables provided by INDEC, Argentine researchers determined the areas of greatest risk for the presence of these infections. Given the lack of information on the prevalence of geohelminths (a group of intestinal parasites) in Argentina, researchers from CONICET, Mundo Sano, CONAE, Gulich Institute, […]

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First Word Summit on Malaria and Neglected Diseases

Dr. Silvia Gold, president of Mundo Sano and member of the Board of Directors of Uniting to Combat NTDs, will participate in the first World Summit on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases The Summit, which will be held on June 25 2020 in Kigali, Ruanda, will bring a call to action to put an end […]

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Mundo Sano presented a report on Dengue in the Americas

The Mosquito-borne Diseases area produces reports about the situation of dengue in the countries of the American continent based on data recorded by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The report delivered during the week starting on October 19 2019 states that, according to the dengue cases reported by countries in the Americas, the epidemiological […]

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Mundo Sano y su trabajo sobre dengue

A new scientific work about Geohelminths by Mundo Sano

The article “Promoción del lavado de manos en niños de 10 años: evaluación de intervenciones piloto en ciudades del Norte Argentino” (Handwashing promotion in 10-year-old children: intervention studies in Northern Argentina) was published in Revista Argentina de Ciencias del Comportamiento. The study presents an activity designed to promote knowledge on the importance of hand in […]

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Mundo Sano en la jornada de lavado de manos

Dr. Silvia Gold, appointed member of the Board of Directors of Uniting to Combat NTDs

We are proud to announce that our president, Dr. Silvia Gold, has been appointed member of the Board of Directors of Uniting to Combat NTDs, a coalition born in 2012, after the London Declaration, in order to join forces and support the achievements achieved in line with the objectives set by the World Health Organization […]

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Show “OUTBREAK, epidemics in a connected world”

The exhibition commemorates the centenary of the 1918 flu epidemic and is part of the Pandemic Project of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, in partnership with the Global Health Institute of Harvard University. From July it will be exhibited at the Jorge Newbery Metropolitan Airpark. Buenos Aires, July 2019. “Outbreak: Epidemics in a […]

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Dr. Silvia Gold receives the Gold Medal of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Murcia

The award recognizes Silvia Gold’s, Mundo Sano’s president, work and dedication to change the history of Chagas disease. Currently, Mundo Sano is promoting the “Not a single baby with Chagas” campaign to ensure that all babies and women of childbearing age have access to diagnosis and treatment. This disease affects 8 million people in the […]

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Scientific-technical meeting of laboratories of Chagas disease

On December 16, the first Scientific-technical meeting of Chagas Disease laboratories was held at the office of the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare of Madrid, Spain. The meeting was organized by Mundo Sano Foundation, the Unit for Leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease, The Parasitology Reference and Research Laboratory, the National Microbiology Centre, and […]

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Mundo Sano promotes the prevention of Mosquito-borne diseases in primary schools

Mundo Sano Foundation promotes the prevention of neglected diseases through the project “Prevention in Action. Pedagogical resources for a Healthy World” by giving educational talks in primary and secondary schools of the localities of Añatuya (Santiago del Estero), Puerto Iguazú (Misiones), Clorinda (Formosa), and Tartagal (Salta). The activities include talks about prevention of Chagas disease […]

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“Sports, Childhood and Chagas disease” at Obra Padre Mario Pantaleo NGO

On November 5, the Caminante Sports Center, of Obra del Padre Mario Pantaleo, in the locality of González Catán, was the venue for the project Sports, Childhood and Chagas disease. This is an initiative of Mundo Sano Foundation that aims at raising awareness about Chagas disease through sports and recreational activities, and promoting its diagnosis […]

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Mundo Sano was recognized for its campaign “Not a single baby with Chagas disease”

Mundo Sano Foundation received the prize “Obrar”, category “Plata”, for the audiovisual piece “Herencia”, and two “Eikon Oro” prizes for the campaign “Not a single baby with Chagas disease”. Recognitions were based on the work of Mundo Sano to make Chagas disease visible and promote its diagnosis and treatment. Every hour, a baby is born […]

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Mundo Sano Foundation received several prizes for its commitment to Chagas disease

The Project “Sports, Childhood and Chagas Disease” received the IPRA Golden Globe Award, the Gold Stevie Award, and the Certificate of Excellence of the Sabre Latin America Award, in the category Multi-market, for its innovative approach and for promoting actions with a positive impact on the health of the population. The Foundation also received the […]

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We celebrated the Global Handwashing Day in Ethiopia

Within the frame of the Global Handwashing Day promoted by the Global Handwashing Partnership international coalition, Mundo Sano works to raise awareness about this habit, which is the most effective and affordable practice to prevent infectious diseases. For four years now, Mundo Sano has organized recreation days to promote this habit in schools near the […]

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Mundo Sano participated in the 57th Directing Council Meeting of the Executive Board of the Pan American Organization

Marcelo Abril, chief executive officer of Mundo Sano, participated in the meeting held between 30 September and 4 October 2019 in Washington, D.C. During the meeting, seven new regional initiatives were approved; one of them referred to the elimination of 30 infectious diseases, including Chagas disease, by 2030, and a strategy to improve the quality […]

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XIX International Symposium on Neglected Diseases

The “XIX International Symposium on Neglected Diseases” was held at the Centro Cultural de la Ciencia (C3) on August 21 and 22, organized by Mundo Sano Foundation. More than thirty scientists, scholars, professionals and technicians from Argentina and abroad analyse new strategies to face the social determinants of neglected diseases. The opening ceremony of the […]

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Mundo Sano received the IPRA Golden World Award in the NGO campaign category

Buenos Aires, July 2019. The International Public Relations Association (IPRA) recognized the Project “Sports, Childhod and Chagas Disease” of Mundo Sano Foundation with the Golden World Award in the category: Non-governmental organization (NGO) campaign. The project “Sports, Childhood and Chagas disease” has been implemented since 2015 to reduce the impact of that disease and complement […]

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We present the campaign “Not a single baby with Chagas Disease”

The campaign “Not a single baby with Chagas Disease” takes the commitment of making this unjust disease visible so that all the babies born with Chagas disease, contracted by transmission during pregnancy from the infected mother, and all the women in childbearing age have access to diagnosis and treatment. Because of the progress made in […]

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