Challenges that go beyond borders

From Argentina to the world


Areas of action

Mundo Sano is present in strategic areas of Argentina affected by various neglected diseases. There, its own work teams work alongside the local communities. Their models are replicable, transferable and scalable, which is why they can be implemented in various scenarios, respecting the particularities of the communities intervened.


As a result of the partnerships engaged in with various international organizations, Mundo Sano carries out intervention programs in diverse latitudes. In Spain, Mundo Sano counts on a work team of its own – in partnership with Valencia General University Hospital and Murcia and Valencia patient associations- which develops programs for prevention, training, diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease destined to Latin American migrant communities. It also maintains cooperative relationships with the Barcelona Center for International Health Research (CRESIB), Ramon y Cajal Hospital and ISGlobal, among others.

In Ethiopia, it carries out a program of diagnosis and community-based treatment for various parasitoses together with Health Institute Carlos III of Spain, Bahir Dar University and a network of local organizations.