Doctor in Veterinary Sciences, chief of Rural Zoonosis Department of the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires province.
Medical Doctor, specialized in Infectious Diseases, Master’s in Public Health, Director of the National Institute of Human Viral Diseases “Dr. Julio I. Maiztegui”; Director of the National Program for Control of Argentine Hemorrhagic Fever; Member of the Council for Dengue Prevention in the Americas. Director of WTO/PAHO Collaborative Center in Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers and Arboviruses. Member of the Executive Committee of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN).
Infectologist, chief in Service of Regional Pathology and Tropical Medicine of Francisco Muñiz Hospital.
Doctor in Biological Sciences, Master’s in Public Health; main CIC Conicet researcher, Director of the National Institute of Tropical Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Argentina.
Former director of the National Institute of Parasitology “Dr. Mario Fatala Chaben” (INP), WHO/PAHO consultant; former member of the PAHO Committee of Research on Health and senior CONICET retired researcher. She organized as well the Networks for Diagnosis and Control of blood to be transfused in Argentina and other countries, and the ANLIS, gathering Institutes and Centers of the Ministry of Health of Argentina.
Medical doctor, specialized in Infectious Diseases; Chief of Zoonosis Service of Francisco Muñiz hospital; Director of the Master’s Degree in Zoonosis Prevention and Control, Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de Buenos Aires (UNNOBA); director of the Argentine Journal of Zoonosis and Emergent Infectious Diseases; and vice-president of the Argentine Association of Zoonosis.
Medical doctor, surgeon, Master’s in Public Health, Postgraduate degree in Global Health, director of the National Institute of Parasitology “Dr. Mario Fatala Chaben” (INP), CONICET independent researcher. Researcher at the Institute of Clinical and Sanitary Effectiveness.
Medical doctor, surgeon specialized in Cardiology and Research Methodology, chief out-patient service of Cardiology and Chagas disease section and Heart Insufficiency section of the Cardiology Service of Hospital Eva Perón, San Martín, Buenos Aires.
Doctor in Chemical Sciences, CONICET researcher, director of the Master’s course on Plague Control and their Environmental Impact, of Universidad Nacional de San Martín; director of the Center of Research on Plagues and Insecticides (CIPEIN), WTO collaborative center for studies of insecticide resistance and research on insecticides in Chagas disease and dengue vector insects.