Mundo Sano Foundation was created in 1993 by Dr. Roberto Gold, who was a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry, with great social vocation, and its goal was to contribute to fight Chagas disease. After his death, his daughter Silvia assumed the Foundation's responsibility, following her father's legacy.

As years went by, Mundo Sano broadened its field of action and started to develop new intervention programs to face several neglected diseases, like Chagas disease, dengue, leishmaniasis, and several soil-transmitted helminths, among others. At present, it has work teams and field laboratories at strategic points in Argentina: Añatuya, Santiago del Estero; Clorinda, Formosa; Puerto Iguazú, Misiones; Pampa del Indio, Chaco; and Tartagal, Salta.

Besides, since 2009 it has been working in Spain in research and sensitization projects and diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease in migrant communities.

In 2012, together with Argentina Ministry of Health and pharmaceuticals Elea and Maprimed, it created a public-private consortium to develop benznidazole, the main treatment for Chagas disease. At a global level, its production was discontinued until it started to be produced in Argentina for the first time.

In the same trend, it was the only Latin American organization invited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to be part of the global initiative Uniting to combat NTDs ,and it integrated the Global Chagas Disease Coalition together with ISGlobal, Sabin Vaccine Institute, DNDi and CEADES.

In 2013, it started working in Ethiopia together with local actors and the National Center of Tropical Medicine of the Institute of Health Carlos III, of Spain, in a research and community treatment experience to control high-prevalence parasitosis in the region.

The same year, within the framework of the celebration of its 20th anniversary, they showed the documentary film Enfermedades desatendidas y olvidadas (Neglected and forgotten diseases) directed by Carlos Sorin, the prestigious film maker. This short film narrates the daily work of the foundation in several locations in Argentina, and it depicts the relations generated with the communities.