Ginés González García was born in San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires province in 1945. At 21, he graduated as a surgeon, medical doctor from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba; afterwards, he obtained his Diploma in Public Health from the School of Public Health of Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, in which he specialized in Health Administration; he obtained a Specialization in Public Health from Córdoba Physicians Council; he obtained a Diploma as Sanitary Consultant from the National Academy of Medicine, and a Magister’s in Health and Social Security Systems from Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora and ISALUD Foundation with his thesis called “Políticas de Medicamentos basadas en la demanda” (Demand-based drug policies”). “Doctor Honoris Causa” of Universidad de Morón.
He has worked both is the public and private sector. He was appointed Health Minister of the Buenos Aires province and held office from 1988 to 1991. He was appointed Argentina Minister of Health on 10th January 2002 during President Dr. Eduardo Alberto Duhalde’ presidency when Argentina was immersed in a deep political, social and economic crisis. On 25 May 2003, he was ratified in his office as Argentina Health Minister by President Dr. Néstor Carlos Kirchner.
He was founder and the first president of Universidad ISALUD, one of the most significant national institutions for research, teacher training, technical cooperation and publications devoted to health, the environment and social policies. He has given over 500 national and international conferences.
On 24th December 2007, he presented onto Chile President Dr. Michelle Bachelet Jeria, the Credentials that certify he is Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Argentine Republic before the government of Chile.
Pat Lammie is a Senior Staff Scientist in the Disease Elimination and Control Group in the Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Pat is also the Principal Investigator on the ‘Filling the Gaps’ grant to the NTD Support Center at the Task Force for Global Health, where he provides technical guidance and strategic oversight to the projects.
Pat received his PhD from Tulane University in 1983 following doctoral research on the immunology of experimental filariasis. He has been at CDC for more than 20 years where his principal focus has been lymphatic filariasis. His laboratory is heavily invested in efforts to develop new tools and strategies to monitor and evaluate filariasis and other NTDs.
Pat serves on WHO’s NTD Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group, Regional PRGs for AMRO and WPRO, and the Executive Group of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis.
Paula Marra holds a BSc in Agronomy and a graduate degree in Agribusiness and Food Management from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). She holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Studies from Universidad de San Andrés, and has completed the course Child brain development at the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, in the USA. She is Board Member of the Espacio de Negocios Inclusivos (Inclusive Business Space) at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.
At present, she is a shareholder of Bioceres, Member of the Management Committee of Grupo de Productores del Sur, Council Member at Fundación Los Grobo, and Founder and CEO of native social art company Matriarca.
She was the executive director of Grupo Los Grobo for 20 years, and as such she was responsible for creating, developing and managing the Agro-commodities Department and the Talent Management area, which was twice recognized by Dow Agro Sciences for the development of agricultural resource management. Additionally, she was in charge of the Institutional Relations and Communication area and the Social Responsibility Department: Her project “Camino al 4º sector” (Leading the Way to the 4th Sector) earned the Corporate Social Responsibility Prize granted by Foro Ecuménico y Social, in 2006.
She is a former Council Chairman of Escuela de Jóvenes Emprendedores (Young Entrepreneur School) of Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires Province, and has led major initiatives including Nutrición 10, Hambre Cero and Grupo Prisma. She is a former chairman of Fundación Darse Cuenta (a foundation devoted to the social re-insertion of ex addicts), and Vice-President and Council Member of Fundación Poder Ciudadano (devoted to strengthen the values of democracy).
Adrián Paenza was born in Buenos Aires, in 1949. He is a journalist specializing in scientific outreach, politics and sports. He holds a BSc and a PhD in Mathematical Sciences from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). He has extensive teaching experience, has directed numerous theses, and is Regular Associate Professor at the UBA Math Department. In 2014, he was named Honorary Professor, UBA.

He started his career as a journalist in 1966 with radio program La Oral Deportiva, on Radio Rivadavia, jointly with soccer commentator José María Muñoz. He has worked for Argentina’s leading radio stations and all five free-to-air channels, as well as Cable-TV channels Infinito and Encuentro. He was a political and sports columnist for several programs, including Día D, Detrás de las Noticias, Periodistas, Futbol de Primera and Lo mejor de la NBA.

He is the author of many best-selling books, including Matemática… ¿estás ahí? (Math… Are you there?), Episodes 1; 2; 3, 4 and 5, which have been translated to several languages. He is a columnist for newspaper Página/12, and presenter of several scientific outreach programs, including Científicos Industria Argentina, Alterados por Pi, Explora, Laboratorio de Ideas and Matemática… ¿estás ahí?

Additionally, he was co-founder and co-director of Fundación Ernesto Paenza, which is dedicated to disseminate mathematics and is the organizer of the traditional inter-university math competition –so-called “competencia Paenza”- for students from Argentina and Uruguay.

He has received the Martín Fierro Award on several occasions for his track record in sports, political and scientific journalism. In 2007, he was conferred the Platinum Konex Award in the Scientific Outreach category. In 2014, the International Mathematical Union (IMU) granted him the Leelavati Prize, the world’s leading award for outstanding public outreach activities for mathematics.

Medical Doctor, Surgeon (1969, UNC). She got a Diploma in Public Health with orientation to Epidemiology and the degree in Infectious Disease Specialist from UBA. She also carried out studies in Tropical Medicine at the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil).
She joined the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in 1984 as coordinator of the Epidemiology Unit of the Caribbean Epidemiology Center (CAREC), with its headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago. In 1986, she moved to Dominican Republic as epidemiologist, and in 1988 she was appointed Representative of PAHO / WHO in said country, where she was awarded with the Doctor Honoris Causa rank by the Universidad Central del Este and with the position of Honorary Professor by Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. From 1992 to 1995, she acted as Representative of PAHO / WHO in Bolivia, where they offered her the Order of Liberator Bolivar, the Order Mariscal Santa Cruz of the Armed Forces and the Order of Public Health of the Presidency, as well as the degree of Professor Honoris Causa of Higher University of San Andrés. In 1995, she took over the position of PAHO Under-director, as part of the group of under-directors of WHO and of the group of global program management, which she headed for two periods.
In September 2002, she was appointed Director of the Pan American Health Office by the countries in the Americas where she held office till 2013. She got her Honoris Causa Doctorate of Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and was appointed Illustrious Citizen of said city. In Ecuador, she was awarded the National Order Honorato Vásquez with the Degree of Grand Official and was appointed Professor Honoris Causa of Universidad de Guayaquil.
She is currently working as special ambassador to the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases.