Cycling 750km from Madrid to Lisboa to give visibility to the Chagas

Today August 28 begins in Madrid, for the third year in a row, an activity promoted by Chemo Group called Reto Chagas, which consists of a bike route of 750 kilometers, crossing the peninsula in five stages and whose purpose of solidarity is to raise funds and give visibility to Chagas disease in Spain. In this country where up to 55.000 people may be affected by this tropical disease.

At the head of the peloton, the well-known athlete Chema Martinez who for a few days changes his running shoes by the jersey. Accompanying him in this new challenge are a dozen adventure lovers, including Leandro and Lucas Sigman Gold, who like his team, will complete an average of 135 kilometers a day, crossing the provinces of Madrid, Toledo, Cáceres and Badajoz. The last stage, scheduled for September 1st, will be in Portuguese territory, where the group of intrepid travelers will arrive in Lisboa, known as the “City of Light”.

How to collaborate: all with the hashtag #RetoChagas. Every time you share #RetoChagas on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will be encouraging participants to get closer to their goal. Each pedal counts, and is that each kilometer traveled will add euros to fight against this disease until the € 100.000 Chemo donates to the foundation Mundo Sano for its research projects and care for patients with Chagas

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