For over a decade, Mundo Sano has been carrying out actions aimed at dengue sensitization and prevention at strategic spots in the north of Argentina. In Clorinda –Formosa–, Puerto Iguazú –Misiones– and Tartagal –Salta–, work is carried out by the specially trained teams that use field labs for the taxonomic determination of mosquitoes and to perform several biological assays. Each working team is constituted by members of the local community coordinated by Mundo Sano specialists.

Through home visits, the foundation teams promote good practices in water management, given its determining role in the proliferation of the mosquito that transmits dengue. In each of the dwellings visited, containers are censed, samples of mosquito larvae and papae are taken and larvicides are applied in those that cannot be removed or destroyed. The visit is complemented by the distribution of explanatory materials about the disease and recommendations on how to prevent it.

Besides, the Foundation works in close relation with local hospitals and municipalities for the proper elaboration of “aedic” indexes, which are indispensable instruments to coordinate and design the preventive actions that must be performed by the Ministry of Health of Argentina.

At a global scale, it is estimated that approximately 40% of the population is exposed to the dengue virus and, according to World Health Organization figures, between 50 and 100 million cases are diagnosed per year, 2.5% of which die.