Social activities

Mundo Sano's actions started over 20 years ago, aimed at reducing the impact of the so-called neglected diseases and improve access to health. As part of those actions, Mundo Sano carries out social activities with the communites it works with.

In Añatuya area, Santiago del Estero, Mundo Sano performs community actions with the support of INTA’s (National Institute of Agropecuarian Technology) local team. These initiatives are “En Mundo Sano juego y aprendo” (In Mundo Sano I play and learn), which is a program of agroecological training in which primary and secondary school students incorporate knowledge and practice for the development of productive activities for self-consumption; “Pequeños granjeros” (Small farmers), in which over 2,500 kids and young people have already taken place; and “Jóvenes emprendedores” (Young entrepreneurs), to train family farm technicians. However, these actions are not only destined to kids and adolescents. Apart from that, as part of the Educational Agroecological Farm in Añatuya, adult training programs are carried out intending to develop sustainable economic activities and train people in agriculture for family self-sustainance, horticultoral production for smallholders, and sanitary management of goat livestock.

Likewise, Mundo Sano took part in the charity marathon that Alto Paraná Company annually organizes at El Dorado coastline, in Misiones. Sensitization material for dengue and leishmaniasis prevention was distributed at this event. The results of these actions constitute an important contribution to the development of the communities where these tasks are carried out.