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Happy to announce the agreement between Mundo Sano Foundation and World Health Oganization

8 November 2017 | Geneva −− The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Mundo Sano Foundation are working to make an essential antiparasitic medicine for treatment of Chagas disease widely accessible to children. Treatment with benznidazole in the early stages of infection can cure the Chagas disease, but currently very few people are able to […]

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U.S. FDA Approves Chemo Group’s Benznidazole to Treat Children with Chagas Disease

On August 29th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Chemo Research’s New Drug Application (NDA) for benznidazole. This is the first drug ever approved by the FDA to treat Chagas disease.

Benznidazole is an essential medicine for Chagas disease, a dangerous parasitic disease that affects an estimated 6 to 8 million people worldwide. In […]

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III Edition of #RetoChagas in Spain

Cycling 750km from Madrid to Lisboa to give visibility to the Chagas

Today August 28 begins in Madrid, for the third year in a row, an activity promoted by Chemo Group called Reto Chagas, which consists of a bike route of 750 kilometers, crossing the peninsula in five stages and whose purpose of solidarity is to […]

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Mundo Sano attends the 160th annual meeting of the Executive Committee of PAHO

The Executive Committee of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) began its 160th annual meeting on Monday, June 26 at its headquarters in Washington DC.
The delegations of PAHO member countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Antigua and Barbuda, Guatemala, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago, will discuss – throughout the week, different […]

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Mundo Sano joins forces with EDCTP to fund research on neglected infectious diseases

On 16 June 2017, the Mundo Sano Foundation and the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) created a partnership to leverage research funding for neglected infectious diseases (NIDs). They agreed that Mundo Sano would contribute to clinical and product-focused implementation research in neglected diseases and soil-transmitted helminthiases.

“Partnership is the only strategy to address […]

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Mundo Sano in Humanitarian relief in Latinamerica (Suiza)

The 19th of May 2017, Dr. Marina Gold carried out a presentation “Humanitarian Assistance on site and in the diaspora and Chagas in endemic and non-endemic countries. The case of Santiago del Estero/Argentina and Geneva” during the Forum Humanitarian Relief in Latin America celebrated in the University of St. Gallen. Here she exhibited the work done […]

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ISGlobal and Mundo Sano Foundation renew their commitment against neglected tropical diseases

The Global Health Institute of Barcelona (ISGlobal) and Mundo Sano Foundation have signed a strategic alliance of collaboration to reinforce the activities they have jointly carried out in 2011 in their fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD). The agreement aims to provide new, effective and safe solutions to prevent and treat these diseases, thus promoting […]

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A health worker from Mundo Sano is selected as one of the finalists of the Inspiration Prize 2017, promoted by Uniting to Combat NTDs and the NGDO NETWORK

The Inspiration Prize is part of the Women in Focus Awards in which the alliance United to Combat NTDs recognizes the essential role of women in defeating neglected diseases.

The Inspiration Prize category is dedicated to women who were affected by these infectious diseases, yet they have made important contributions supporting other patients.

Geneva, April 19th of […]

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Sport, Childhood and Chagas – An innovative alliance promoting people’s health and wellbeing

For the purpose of minimizing Chagas impact around Latin American countries, Mundo Sano has joined forces with members of a public-private alliance that uses sport as a synonym for health and wellbeing, to disseminate information on Chagas disease prevention and treatment.

The Sport, Childhood and Chagas initiative is part of the “Chagas Disease Control Promotion in […]

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MUNDO SANO foundation Spain has received an accolade at the 8th UNICEF Best Practices Awards

The foundation received the accolade for its project, “Comprehensive approach to Chagas disease in Madrid: striving for healthy motherhood and childhood”.


It is the first award with which the Spanish UNICEF committee has recognised the value of Mundo Sano projects in Spain.


Santander, 15 November 2016.  Santander played host to the 2016-2020 Child Friendly Cities Seal awards […]

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