Mundo Sano and Harvard University signed a cooperation agreement for the diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease in the United States

Mundo Sano and Harvard University - through the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies - signed an agreement in June 2016 to diagnose and treat people affected by Chagas disease in the state of Massachusetts. Chagas disease affects about 300,000 people in the US.
The project focuses on developing a screening process and pilot treatment on population at risk such as: newborns, children, and women of childbearing age from endemic countries.

Harvard University directs the project with the participation of the following instittutions:

  1. Children’s Hospital, one of the most prestigious pediatric hospitals in the United States (whichbelongs to Harvard University);
  1. the East Boston Community Medical Center, the Health Center in the areawith the largest concentration 0fLatin American immigrants and
  1. Other Community and Health Centers in the neighborhoods with Latin population.

In addition, Mundo Sano provides support, training, and advice to professionals involved in the project to transfer our experience in diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease.

Financed by Exeltis (United States), this pilot study could help to analyze the eradication of this disease. Chagas is transmitted mainly through an insect and from mother to child (during pregnancy). Although it may remain latent, once it develops it can lead to serious cardiac, digestive or neurological disorders.

More information about this disease can be found at

About Harvard University

It is a private institution located in Cambridge (Massachusetts, United States). It is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States.

About David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) at Harvard University works to raise awareness of Latin American cultures, economies, histories, environment, and contemporary issues; Promote cooperation and understanding among America´s people and contribute to democracy, social progress, and sustainable development throughout the Hemisphere.

About Exeltis

Exeltis developed from the sustained growth of the pharmaceutical company CHEMO, an comprehensive consortium of health sciences. It combines the knowledge and experience of the Group with its own innovative spirit. As a result it has become a global organization with a great capacity to discover, develop, produce, and market drugs, treatments, and health products in many corners of the world, improving the quality of life of millions of people.