About us

Mundo Sano is a family foundation, whose mission is to transform the lives of people affected by neglected diseases, which are those that affect the most vulnerable population, with serious consequences for the health of those who suffer them.

Who we are?

Mundo Sano was founded in 1993 by Dr. Roberto Gold and was taken as a family legacy with a clear mission: giving back to society.

Since our inception, we have sought cooperation from the private sector with the State with the vocation to contribute to Public Health.

We have five offices in Latin America and, from Spain, we have launched programs in Africa.

Our daily activity is field work. Both in our own offices and in other places -through partners that provide local leadership- we launch programs that seek to efficiently overcome the barriers that hinder people’s access to health, generating useful evidence for public policies.

The Foundation receives broad cooperation, but it is fundamentally supported by the Insud / Insud Pharma Group.


Metodología Mundo Sano


Our mission is to develop effective management models that are replicable, sustainable, scalable and transferable; through public-private partnerships, based on multidisciplinary scientific research with the affected communities.