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Mundo Sano received the IPRA Golden World Award in the NGO campaign category


Buenos Aires, July 2019. The International Public Relations Association (IPRA) recognized the Project “Sports, Childhod and Chagas Disease” of Mundo Sano Foundation with the Golden World Award in the category: Non-governmental organization (NGO) campaign.

The project “Sports, Childhood and Chagas disease” has been implemented since 2015 to reduce the impact of that disease and complement and strengthen sanitary capacities in the American Chaco region, which covers parts of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.

“Sports, Childhood and Chagas disease” has made possible the Chagas diagnosis of 7,788 children and adults (twice the planned number), access to treatment of 335 affected people in Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay, and the participation of more than 3,700 children and young people in six sports festivals, during which more than 2,000 diagnostic tests were made.  Likewise, more than 60 members of the health systems of the three countries were trained in extraction by venous puncture and Chagas rapid tests, and 512 change agents instructed in the FútbolNet methodology.

The project is a joint initiative of Mundo Sano Foundation, Barça Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, and Airpharm, along with local strategic stakeholders.

The Golden World Awards are given by the International Public Relations Association, a global network that aims at developing open communication and ethical practice of public relations, and is recognized by the United Nations.

We invite you to revive moments of the implementation of the Project “Sports, Childhood and Chagas Disease” in the María Medianera (Pa’i Puku) Centre of Integral Training in Paraguay

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