Mundo Sano Foundation was founded in 1993 by Doctor Roberto Gold with the purpose of collaborating in the improvement of the population's quality of life. As a family enterprise, the organization's main focus -amongst others- was initially to combat Chagas disease and its consequences throughout the continent.

In 2000, the organization moved forward into a new stage: By following the guidelines posed by the founder, Doctor Silvia Gold became in charge of the foundation with the purpose of deepening her father's legacy, or in other words, to search for actual results that would have a favorable impact on the health status of the most needed communities.

The dramatic social crisis that struck Argentina at the beginning of the century required a dedication that was far beyond economic help to the most vulnerable ones. It required commitment. Thus, decision making went towards that direction: to invest in projects and management in order to integrate knowledge and work experience.


Doctor Roberto Gold and his wife, Doctor Miriam Turjanski, were pioneers in the pharmaceutical industry in Argentina. They started their activities as pharmacists in 1945, and as a man of principles during the first half of the twentieth century, Roberto was also an active defender of the national industry. His activities in the pharmaceutical industry -and in other enterprises- and his commitment towards society led him to create a foundation through which his capacity of development and social sensitivity could be oriented.